2022 Newcastle Open
Sunday, September 11th , 2022

Club Charlestown, Lincoln St, Charlestown.
Registration from 9:20am., Draw at 9:50am. Start 10am
NB: All details dependant on final number of players.


The 2022 Newcastle Open will be conducted under the following system,
Qualifying rounds: Round Robins. Up to 8 groups.
Three and four player groups 7 point matches. Five and over player groups 5 point matches.
All round robin winners qualify for the Final rounds.
1 point for a win. Tiebreakers: points SCORED, points AGAINST, head to head.

Main Tournament Final Rounds: Up to 8 player knockout. 7-7-9 points
Consolation Tournament: 3 point knockout for ALL players not qualifying for the Final Knockout. Players will be ranked on qualifying finishes with byes allocated, as required, to highest placed players.

Entry fees: $35 basic entry.
Financial Newcastle Backgammon Club Members (as of 7/7/22) $30.
NBC will contribute $5 per financial member to Member’s entries.**

Bonus Pool: $20 (not compulsory).

Prize Money: Total prize pool for the Main Tournament = Total Number of Players x 30.
Total prize pool for the Consolation Tournament = Total Number of Players x 5
Prize money paid Main: 1st-4th, Consolation 1st-2nd.  Trophy: Main winner.
Australian Backgammon Federation Rating points for all Main Tournament and Consolation games.

Bonus Pool: The Bonus pool will be won by the highest finishing member of the Pool in the Main Bracket.
The Pool will be shared amongst those finishing at the same level if both the Winner and second in the tournament are not members of the Pool.
It will revert to players in the Consolation Tournament if none of the 8 players in the Main are members of the Bonus Pool.

All games to be played in the tournament room, no exceptions.

To Enter: Email – Robert Disney at: rwdiz@newcastlebackgammon.org with subject of  Newcastle Open

Phone Enquiries- (+61 2) 49469222 OR 0410494692
All payments to be made on the day.
Please notify any cancellations ASAP.

Lunches will be available through the Bistro on the club premises.

**Value added amount mentioned made available from Newcastle Backgammon Club reserves.

 NB: Charlestown Bowling Club is not train friendly. Best travel option is by car.
 The entrance to the CBC car park is off Ferris Street but MUST be approached from the Bowling Club side of Ferris Street. If you approach from the football oval side you have to drive around the block to get to the other side.
If coming from the north, through Charlestown on the highway, turn at the lights at the end of the football oval onto Lincoln Street and bear right onto Ferris towards Charlestown Square. If approaching from the south on the highway, Lincoln St is on your left between the Rotary Park and the football oval.
If approaching from the back of Charlestown Square, which is Canberra St but turns into Patricia Avenue at the back of the Bowling Club, turn off Patricia onto Lincoln at the roundabout, go past the CBC main entrance and turn left onto Ferris towards Charlestown Square.
The parking lot entrance is about 30m from the turn.

Anyone who is willing to make the trip by train would have to alight at Cardiff station and bus/cab to Charlestown (6km trip) but be wary of the 10am start.                                                                                  

2021 "The Newy" Open Tournament
Played on the Internet
September 2021

Congratulations to Mick Dyett on winning the 2021 Newy Open Online Tournament 21-9 over Mehmet Tuglu. The Final was a bit closer than the score suggests but was still a comprehensive win to Mick with the rub of the dice. Mick wins the 2021 Newy Trophy as well as a place on the NBC Honour Roll and a place in any events we can schedule with NEBA in the UK.

This year we had 50 entries, double last year and some internationals from Romania, England and New Zealand.
In a change from last year it was a straight knockout with no re-entry. 50 players meant that there were 14 first round byes. Matches were played in very good time by all, seeing the tournament finish ahead of time that was scheduled for it.

Robert Disney


2021 Newy Open Online     
Round 1   Round 2   Round of 16   Quarter Finals   Semi-Final   Championship    
11 pts   11 pts   13 pts   15 pts   17 pts   21 pts    
1 KEN VAUGHAN 1                      
    KEN VAUGHAN 11                  
64 BYE 0                      
        KEN VAUGHAN 10              
32 BRECK McCORMACK 1                      
(forfeit)   BRECK McCORMACK 3                  
33 DILHUN AKPINAR 0                      
            MICK DYETT 15          
17 MARICAR USTICK 11                      
    MARICAR USTICK 6                  
48 HABIB SHALALA 9                      
        MICK DYETT 13              
49 MICK DYETT 11                      
  6 MICK DYETT 11                  
16 TERRY CHRISTODOULOU                        
                MICK DYETT 17      
9 ANDREJS LIEPINS 1                      
    ANDREJS LIEPINS 10                  
56 BYE 0                      
        CHRIS FORSYTH 13              
24 CHRIS FORSYTH 11                      
    CHRIS FORSYTH 11                  
41 MAHNAZ ROSTAMI 8                      
            CHRIS FORSYTH 11          
25 STEVE QUINN 11                      
    STEVE QUINN 11                  
40 CHRIS WHITE 8                      
        STEVE QUINN 4              
57 BYE 0                      
    JOHN SYMON 9                  
8 JOHN SYMON 1                      
                    MICK DYETT 21  
4 TOM CHRYSOSTOMOU 1                      
    TOM CHRYSOSTOMOU 11                  
61 BYE 0                      
        TOM CHRYSOSTOMOU 9              
29 CHLOE TURNER 11                      
    CHLOE TURNER 10                  
36 DOMINIC ABREU 7                      
            GARY STAVROU 13          
20 JIM BEAN 7                      
    GARY STAVROU 11                  
45 GARY STAVROU 11                      
        GARY STAVROU 13              
13 ROBERT DISNEY 1                      
    ROBERT DISNEY 6                  
52 BYE 0                      
                TONY WALKER 10      
12 DAVID SAAB 1                      
    DAVID SAAB 6                  
53 BYE 0                      
        CRISTIAN GHENA-FRISK 5              
21 CRISTIAN GHENA-FRISK 11                      
    CRISTIAN GHENA-FRISK 11                  
44 CASSIE CREBERT 2                      
            TONY WALKER 15          
28 MICHELLE TAUBMAN 5                      
    STEVE CLARRY 7                  
37 STEVE CLARRY 11                      
        TONY WALKER 13              
60 BYE 0                      
    TONY WALKER 11                  
5 TONY WALKER 1                      
                        MICK DYETT
2 ALAN CATHCART 1                     Winner
    ALAN CATHCART 11                 2021 Newy Open
63 BYE 0                      
        ALAN CATHCART 9              
31 PAUL KELLETT 11                      
    PAUL KELLETT 10                  
34 DENBY PETTITT 1                      
            BRIAN RAMSEY 13          
18 BEN PHILLIPS 4                      
    BRIAN RAMSEY 11                  
47 BRIAN RAMSEY 11                      
        BRIAN RAMSEY 13              
15 SIMON USTICK 11                      
    SIMON USTICK 6                  
50 ALEX IVANOVSKI 3                      
                ALEC BARR 13      
10 PETER KALYVAS 1                      
    PETER KALYVAS 5                  
55 BYE 0                      
        ALEC BARR 13              
23 ALEC BARR 11                      
    ALEC BARR 11                  
42 NICK BEGAKIS 7                      
            ALEC BARR 15          
26 JAMES NOBLE 4                      
    ROSALIND BAKER 10                  
39 ROSALIND BAKER 11                      
        STEVE ROBERTS 8              
58 BYE 0                      
    STEVE ROBERTS 11                  
7 STEVE ROBERTS 1                      
                    MEHMET TUGLU 9  
3 MEL KELF 1                      
    MEL KELF 9                  
62 BYE 0                      
        DAVID McALLISTER 13              
30 DAVID McALLISTER 11                      
    DAVID McALLISTER 11                  
35 ALEX FERNANDES 8                      
            DAVID McALLISTER 4          
19 GEORGIA SLOANE 5                      
    STEPHEN DAVY 11                  
46 STEPHEN DAVY 11                      
        STEPHEN DAVY 8              
14 GREG ASH 1                      
    GREG ASH 10                  
51 BYE 0                      
                MEHMET TUGLU 17      
11 DAVID KINSTON 1                      
    DAVID KINSTON 10                  
54 BYE 0                      
        MEHMET TUGLU 13              
22 KLEA MANIATIS 9                      
    MEHMET TUGLU 11                  
43 MEHMET TUGLU 11                      
            MEHMET TUGLU 15          
27 JOHN McALEENAN 3                      
    RIFAAT SHOUKRALLAH 2                  
38 RIFAAT SHOUKRALLAH 11                      
        VIRGINIA JONES 2              
59 BYE 0                      
    VIRGINIA JONES 11                  
6 VIRGINIA JONES 1                      


2020 "The Newy" Open Tournament
Playing on the Internet
October 2020

As the Eva Bitel Tournament has almost run it's course and the Newcastle Open had to be abandoned this year, introducing The Newy, the online version of the Newcastle Open.

The tournament will not be following the format of the live tournament but will be run under the following conditions.

 Entry: FREE!! therefore FREE!! of prize money as well. Glory, an entry on the Newcastle Club Hall of Fame and the chance to play in the Newcastle Champion of Champions tournament next year against players from the NEBA club in the UK are the awards for the winner.

 The Tournament will be conducted as a Double Elimination event. For those new to tournaments, you need to lose twice to be out of the competition. There are two brackets that are completed, one for Winners and the other for those who lose one match. The last person standing in the Winner's Bracket plays the last person standing in the Loser's Bracket. The Loser's Bracket winner needs to defeat the Winner's Bracket winner twice to win the tournament.

 The initial draw will be contingent on the order in which entries are received via the time on your email. Therefore the earlier you enter the more chance you have at any first round bye. eg: if your entry is the 6th received your grid position will be number 6 on the draw sheet. This position will be notified to you via an entry confirmation email.As I have no idea how many entries are likely, the tournament director (me) reserves position 13 which may or may not be a first round bye position.

 Matches may be played on any platform by agreement but Backgammon Galaxy will be the default where there is no other mutual site. There will be 4 days to complete each match. Matches will be forwarded as they become available with an expected completion date for that particular match.

 Match Lengths: Winner's Bracket all matches 9 points, casual clock where applicable
Loser's Bracket 7 points, casual clock
Final Match(es) 9 points.

Congrats to Tom Chrysostomou (ACT) on winning the final of The Newy from the Fighter's bracket 9-8, 9-7 over Robert Disney (Newcastle).

Thank you again to everyone who joined and played and good luck to all in your next events.

Tom now wins the kudos of having his name on the Newcastle Hall of Fame list and the opportunity, should he want it, of playing in the Newcastle Champion of Champions next year, if it can be held, against players from NEBA in the UK


2020 Newy Open Online Winners Bracket        
9pts   9pts   9pts   9pts   9pts   9pts          
1 JIM BEAN 9                            
  (1 JIM BEAN 9                        
32 BYE 0                            
      (25 JIM BEAN 7                    
17 GRANT HOFFMAN 5                            
  (2 PETER KALYVAS 3                        
16 PETER KALYVAS 9                            
          (41 MELINDA KELF 5                
9 KLEA MANIATIS 3                            
  (3 MELINDA KELF 9                        
24 MELINDA KELF 9                            
      (26 MELINDA KELF 9                    
25 JASON RHODES 8                            
  (4 TONY WALKER 1                        
8 TONY WALKER 9                            
              (53 ROBERT DISNEY 9            
4 MICK DYETT 9                            
  (5 MICK DYETT 1                        
29 BYE 0                            
      (27 ROBERT DISNEY 9                    
13 ROBERT DISNEY 9                            
  (6 ROBERT DISNEY 9                        
20 PAULA SPENCELEY 0                            
          (42 ROBERT DISNEY 9                
21 JOHN SYMON 1                            
  (7 STEPHEN DAVY 9                 FIRST FINAL  9 PTS  
12 STEPHEN DAVY 9                            
                        ROBERT DISNEY 8    
      (28 STEPHEN DAVY 8                    
28 BYE 0                     TOM CHRYSOSTOMOU 9    
  (8 GIN JONES 5                        
5 GIN JONES 9                            
                  (59 ROBERT DISNEY        


                    Winner's Bracket Winner        


6 GREG ASH 9                


  (9 GREG ASH 3                 SECOND FINAL (IF REQUIRED)  9 PTS  
27 BYE 0                            
                        ROBERT DISNEY 7    
      (29 JOHN McALEENAN 3                    
22 BEN PHILLIPS 2                     TOM CHRYSOSTOMOU 9    
  (10 JOHN McALEENAN 9                        
11 JOHN McALEENAN 9                            
          (43 TOM CHRYSOSTOMOU 9