Newcastle Backgammon Club Roll of Honour  
        Last Update  5/12/2023        
Year Newcastle Open Club Championship Top 8 Captain's Trophy President's Trophy Junior Champion  
1984 Robert Disney Geoff Barcan              
1985 Steve Kessler Greg Hern Greg Hern            
1986 Simon Woodhead Tony Walker Tony Walker Robert Disney Willy Backes   Stephen Coulter Stephen Coulter  
1987 Tony Parker Tony Walker Geoff Barcan Geoff Barcan Steve Berka Greg Mitchell Jim Bardakos Stephen Coulter  
1988 Brian McDonald Willy Backes Geoff Barcan Steve Berka Jim Bardakos Robert Disney Ross Timmins Stephen Coulter  
1989 Simon Woodhead Greg Hern Robert Disney Tony Walker Ross Timmins Greg Hern Greg Mitchell Stephen Coulter  
1990 Pat Halpin Tony Walker Tony Walker Jim Bardakos Greg Hern Robert Disney Ross Timmins Kelly Bower  
1991 Steve Clarry Jim Bardakos Dave Bower Willy Backes Greg Hern Len Ivanov Jayne Disney Kelly Bower  
1992 Scott Morgan Tony Walker Greg Mitchell Robert Disney Ross Timmins Tony Walker Dave Bower Kelly Bower  
1993 Tony Walker Tony Walker Tony Walker Tony Walker Greg Mitchell Jim Bardakos Greg Mitchell David Coulter  
1994 Dave Bower Tony Walker Robert Disney Dave Bower David Coulter Greg Hern Micheal Polonsky -  
1995 Bruce Parr Tony Walker Robert Sebok Robert Disney Christine Pont Geoff Barcan Robert Disney -  
1996 Marijo Udovicic Tony Walker Jim Bardakos Tony Walker Michael Polonsky Tony Walker Jim Bardakos -  
1997 Adrian Pitt Jim Bardakos Robert Disney Dave Bower Melanie Cathcart Dave Bower Rebekah Cathcart -  
1998 Adrian Pitt Tony Walker Michael Polonsky Dave Bower Greg Hern Tony Walker Steve Berka Melanie Cathcart  
1999 Steve Clarry Willy Backes Dave Bower Willy Backes Melanie Cathcart Jim Bardakos Robert Sebok -  
2000 David Reitzin Tony Walker Bruce Parr Robert Disney Dave Bower Alan Cathcart Rebekah Cathcart -  
2001 Adrian Pitt Robert Disney Dave Bower Alan Cathcart Greg Mitchell Greg Hern Rebekah Cathcart -  
2002 Ian Dunstan Tony Walker Robert Sebok 1st Alan Cathcart 2nd Greg Hern 1st Greg Hern 2nd Tony Walker Rachel Cathcart  
2003 Alex Falon Tony Walker Tony Walker Bruce Parr Rebekah Cathcart Greg Mitchell Robert Sebok Rachel Cathcart  
2004 Simon Woodhead Tony Walker Glen Curry Alan Cathcart Bruce Parr Tony Walker Les Pierpoint Lisa Disney  
2005 Marijo Udovicic Tony Walker Virginia Jones Robert Disney Les Pierpoint Greg Mitchell Glen Curry Rachel Cathcart  
2006 Bruce Parr Alan Cathcart Robert Disney Brian Ramsey Rebekah Cathcart Bevan Disney Rebekah Cathcart Rachel Cathcart  
2007 Virginia Jones Greg Mitchell Bruce Parr Virginia Jones Robert Sebok Robert Disney Chris Newcombe Rachel Cathcart  
2008 Paul Barnett Tony Walker Mick Dyett Chris Newcombe Christine Phillis Mick Dyett Robert Sebok Rachel Cathcart  
2009 Ivor Bitel Mick Dyett Robert Disney Brian Ramsey Robert Disney Bruce Parr Greg Hern -  
2010 Paul Barnett Chris Belton Chris Belton Michelle Taubman Greg Hern Greg Mitchell Rachel Cathcart -  
2011 Adrian Pitt Mick Dyett Tony Walker Tony Walker Virginia Jones Robert Disney Greg Mitchell -  
2012 Mick Dyett Mick Dyett Mick Dyett Greg Mitchell Chris Belton David Bower Les Pierpoint Josh Dyett  
2013 Mick Dyett Tony Walker Tony Walker Tony Walker Costea Ianculescu Mick Dyett Costea Ianculescu -  
2014 Steve Roberts Brian Ramsey Greg Mitchell David Bower Michelle Taubman Costea Ianculcescu Robert Sebok -  
2015 Tal Sade Tony Walker Bruce Parr Robert Disney Adrian Marisescu Brian Ramsey Robert Disney -  
2016 Simon Woodhead Mick Dyett Bruce Parr Adrian Marisescu Greg Hern Brian Ramsey Les Pierpoint -  
2017 Ben Phillips Mick Dyett Mick Dyett Brian Ramsey Alan Cathcart Brian Ramsey Costea Ianculescu -  
2018 Martin Sagradian Mick Dyett Brian Ramsey Brian Ramsey Shaun Harding Dave Bower Tony Walker -  
2019 Robert Disney Mick Dyett Brian Ramsey Gerhardt Macor Robert Sebok Mick Dyett Costea Ianculescu -  
2020 Tom Chrysostomou# Competitions cancelled due to Covid - -  
2021 Mick Dyett# Greg Mitchell** Mick Dyett Brian Ramsey Adrian Marisescu Greg Mitchell Adrian Marisescu -  
2022 Joanna Kerynia Tony Walker Tony Walker Mick Dyett Robert Sebok Brian Ramsey Les Pierpoint -  
2023 Robert Disney Tony Walker Gerhardt Macor Mick Dyett Michelle Taubman Michelle Taubman Kristine Claffey -  


Top 8 Trophy introduced 1985. Changed to the Willy Backes Memorial Top 8 Trophy in 2005.
Captain's Trophy introduced 1986.
President's Trophy introduced 1986 as a second division of the Top 8 before being played as a separate event from 1987.
Captain's and President's Trophies played as single tournaments of up to 16 players in 2002
#2020 and 2021 Newcastle Opens played online as "The Newy"
**2021 Competition 15 rounds due to Covid Restrictions


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